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Based on years of experience, thorough knowledge of contemporary European design codes, development of our professional skills and high ethical principles of professional behaviour, we provide the customer with high quality and innovative solutions.


We use the latest technologies and innovative approaches in our work, which of course requires continuous education. In recent years, we have been focusing on 3D structural modeling, so we always produce a 3D construction model, where all the inconsistencies are immediately apparent, because we completely master the 3D construction of the building as it actually is when built.

An important factor in our work is safe long-term data storage. Thus, all of our projects are stored in two copies.

Reliability is assured through a sufficient amount of computer equipment, so a failure of anything does not interfere with work with work schedule. We show full respect to the deadlines..

Integrated offer

Design Bureau: We produce complete project documentation of structures - static calculation, position plans, reinforcement plans, steel detailed plans, timber detailed plans, etc. We also provide design control of the implementation by ensuring the implementation of design solutions at the construction site.

Software development

With the emergence of contemporary European design codes EUROCODES, the design without additional knowledge to develop our own IT solution is no longer possible to imagine. The company has developed its own software for the calculation of the seismic resistance of masonry buildings, as well as fire resistance assesment of steel structures. We have the knowledge to solve any technical challenge by using our own software.

BIM Modeling

The creation of a digital 3D information model of the construction provides a new approach in design, since the model represents a digital copy of the actual structure of the building before it is constructed in physical form. The BIM sub-model of building structures must be coordinated with the architectural sub-model and other necessary sub-models of the building (installations, ventilation, canalization, etc.), so coordination of the BIM sub-models due to collisions is neccesarry. We work with architectural bureaus on the basis of the Open BIM approach, where individual parts of BIM are created with different software tools, and information is exchanged through an appropriate common data environment CDE.


Creating of digital 3D information model of structure enables a new approach in design. We offer structural BIM sub-models, coordination, collision checks and implementation of building execution plan.


Anything related to the building you need, we are always the right address! We provide quality and innovative solutions.

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