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»Fire resistance of building structure« means the ability of the structure exposed to fire the appropriate time maintaining its strength. To recognize the precise value of the duration in which the construction retains its capacity, is crucial for fire-resistant design.

Fire Resistance Calculation


We make the calculation of the fire resistance of unprotected structures, taking into account the actual technical state of construction material exposed to thermal impact or fire load. In accordance with the European regulations for fire resistant design EUROCODES, we calculate the critical temperature, e.g. the temperature to which the structure maintains its capacity so that no additional fire protection is needed.

Consultation for Fire Protection

If it turns out that the critical temperature is low and does not provide the required fire resistance, this is an evident that the structure is not able to take the “design fire load” by itself and requires additional fire protection. Here the knowledge in the field of fire engineering ( various stages of fire - outbreak of fire, heating and cooling phase, flashover) is neccesary in addition to the knowledge of the capacity of building structures.

Savings by optimizing

In some countries, the fire resistance of structures is not explicitly checked, but instead the default value of the critical temperature is adopted( Germany 500C, Serbia even 400C). This may be considered as the fact that the critical temperature is above this value, so that we have a fire protection, which is oversized and as well uneconomical. But sometimes it can happen that the critical temperature is below this value, meaning that the construction is in fire risk and does not allow a safe evacuation, as well as fire extinguishing and rescue. Optimization of the fire resistance is crucial in all conditions.

Iso Curve


1. Fire resistance calculation of building structures in accordance with the standards EUROCODE.

2. If the actual fire resistance of building structures do not meet the requirements, we offer consultation on the most appropriate, and in particular the most optimal fire protection.

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